Project Description

FABlab through its interactions with the private and public community realised that there existed a substantial need for the training, mentorship and development of the business and social skill that every entrepreneur needs. Thus FABlab Namibia developed the Intensive product development programme.

This programme was launched in January 2015, during the three month cycle of the programme we take energetic Namibian entrepreneurs and turn their intangible ideas into tangible products and mentor them in the realms of:

1. Business
2. Finance
3. Product development
4. Logo and brand design
5. Intellectual property

FABlab developed a manual that serves to assist the entrepreneur in growing their business, at the same time FABlab has a vast array of experts that are tasked with mentoring, coaching and motivating the entrepreneur in order to give them as much support as is possible, both immediate of the business or their innovation. Further FABlab Namibia has brought aboard a number of various other professionals to assist in the dissemination of knowledge to the participants.

The IPD programmes involves weekly in-house sessions where the clients are mentored by a FABlab team member or another professional that is approached by FABlab Namibia. Development of the individuals most profitable business model. Complete brand identity formulation, intensive research which is shared between the client and FABlab itself and the finality of the IPD cycle a functional prototype that can be used by the client to demonstrate the potential of the product.