FABlab Namibia featured on My Innovation World


FABlab Namibia featured on My Innovation World

Posted on March 14, 2017 11:30 AM

FABLab Namibia

Namibia is a big country with savannas, huge dune deserts and a small population. In it’s capital, Windhoek, I found a well equipped fablab with a lot of well succeeded programs.

The idea of FABLab Namibia start in 2012 after visits in some fablab from Kenya and South Africa, then, after planning and get funding, the FABLab Namibia was officially open in 2014. The building was thought to a quick assembly using containers. Before to buy the equipment their founders did a search to choose which equipment would be best for Namibian reality. Then was acquired digital tools that all fablabs must have to, besides textile equipments.

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