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The FABlab Design and Technology Centre is the first advanced manufacturing, prototyping and design lab in Namibia and the largest FABlab currently within Africa. The lab was established to provide access to new technology, machinery and design to enhance local product competitiveness. Thereby bridging the technological divide and providing competitive education, skills, new product creation and spurring innovation - ultimately to give rise to a technologically and creatively advanced local economy.

FABlab Namibia Project Report

FABlab Namibia Annual Report 2017-2018





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Literally mind blowing, I did not know Namibia is capable of such gadgets and machinery. Was definitely worth my time and learned a lot from them.


My experience at FABlab was amazing. All the advanced technology just blew my mind away, I would go back again if given a chance. The content that was given to us opened up my mind to a lot of possibilities.


The experience was awesome and very informative. At first I was sceptical but I truly left convinced - watch out world here comes Namibia.


I was in awe of the content. It was very exciting and I learned about a lot of things that I didm't know existed. Surely made me believe that nothing is impossible, all that one has to do is to put your mind to it and it can happen.


Mind blowing experience, eye opening innovations and it has built up my confidence about having new ideas.


It is unthinkable for companies today to aim to be sustainable without being disruptively innovative. Fablab is an excellent home grown, but internationally connected group of people who has the ability to bring Disruptive innovation into the world of work.

Trudi van Rooyen, GM Human Resources, Bidvest Namibia

The course is definitely prepared us for “the future”, not “the past” and has expanded our leather and fashion knowledge and consciousness, more importantly, we had so much fun.

Esther Nzaramba and Roise Kaluvi, Divine Leather Manufacturing

As Divine Leather Manufacturing CC we would like to take this opportunity to thank FABlab for us being selected as participants in the IPD Program. We are not only merely IPD Program graduates now, but we are able to institutionalize many business concepts learned over the three months in a more objective and unequivocal manner.

Esther Nzaramba and Roise Kaluvi, Divine Leather Manufacturing

I hope that these establishments grow even bigger to accommodate more ideas and entrepreneurs for this is really a wonderful and vital opportunity. Thank you!

Julia Amukwa, Entrepreneur

I would like to thank the founders of FabLab Namibia, Kirstin Wiedow and Bjorn Wiedow, the entire FabLab team, my fellow Cycle 2 IPD program candidates, Pwc, Team Namibia, Ministry of Industrialization and SME Development and all the other stakeholders for making the IPD program and Addventure event possible.

Julia Amukwa, Entrepreneur

FABlab is the best place ever, where no idea is impossible and no idea is too small,i always say, if it was a university, i wouldn't want to graduate!

Aska Orlale, NUST Student and Entrepreneur from M&O Decor

I would like to congratulate the strong ladies at Team Namibia and FABlab for benchmarking yet another wonderful success story, this day will always be remembered as a milestone in the history of Dinapama, Namibia and Africa as we build our National economy with steady hands.

Edo Lutete, Dinapama Manufacturing

I would like to take the time to express a token off thanks to FABlab on indulging the team of Dinapama during the Addventure platform. I am honored, grateful and pleased to hear nothing but good news from our Managing Director of what had come from the Addventure initiative!

Edo Lutete, Dinapama Manufacturing

The IPD programme at FABLab was Intense and challenging but worth every second to be there.

Ellen Onesmus, Entrepreneur

For FABlab I call myself a sustain-preneur. a believer of social innovation and creativity.

Twii Israel, Entrepreneur, Etunda

The whole IPD programme was Awesome!!!! the pitch experience was an eye opener ,very good experience and helpful, we learned a lot...Thank you FABlab!!!

Benny and Marius of YYNEB cc

The FABlab is a great space to let your creativity run wild with good service and friendly technicians helping you along the way with any ideas or concepts you have...

Johan Johnston

I am so thankful that we have FABlab in Namibia because I am learning and playing around with different technologies and software 

Martha Mukungu

SAIS is extremely happy to work with such a professional team as FABlab folks. Enthusiasm, creativity and innovativeness really characterised the attitude and spirit of FABlab.

Juha Miettinen, Chief Technical Advisor, SAIS

FABlab is a wonderful platform for creative minds to prosper and develop their products as they have state of the art facilities,one on one service and offer excellent networking.

Ingo Shanyenge, Fashion Designer

IPD has help us to turn our idea into a finished product and achieving our first goal of creating a good brand

Sonja Lileka

FABlab makes dreams come true, and the idea program is the best there is in Namibia

Aska Orlale

Great Job The Service, Innovation and Personal attention is extraordinary

Ndahafa mutongolume

The FABlab is a success story to learn from for Development in Namibia in many aspects.


CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION!!! I love their working space…

Leonora Joodt COW

Namibia’s ‘life-giving’ ideas factory 



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